#Startup with Piers Linney & Moblox

The step-by-step, practical guidance and support that you need to start and grow your business from former Dragons' Den investor, Piers Linney.

As a well-known champion of entrepreneurship with a background in law and finance and a former investor on Dragons' Den (Shark Tank in some countries), I am often asked by entrepreneurs for advice.

After looking at the available online courses, it was clear that although motivational content has its place, entrepreneurs need no-nonsense, impartial and practical advice, guidance and support. Asking the universe and having a 'millionaire mindset' will certainly not guarantee success. Anyone selling a 'system' that guarantees success in any business, and in any sector, is ripping people off - period.

I have designed this online video startup course, to be the ultimate step-by-step and practical guide to starting or growing your new business. This course for startups and new businesses provides all of the support, advice and tips you will need to avoid the common mistakes entrepreneurs make to reduce risk and maximise your chances of achieving your ambitions.

This startup course has over 10 hours across over 76 personally delivered video lessons with supporting materials and quizzes. I have designed it to provide the support you need 24x7x365 to give you confidence, save you time, material amounts of money and reduce the number of sleepless nights.

Anyone planning to start a business in any sector: whether its your first or you are going again and you are looking for support and guidance that you don't have access to, or previously lacked.

Founders growing a business: if you are alone or part of a team growing a new business, the course provides advice, insights and guidance ranging from your well-being to technical advice on raising finance, contracting, hiring and marketing.

Entrepreneurs who need to raise finance: learn how to prepare to raise finance and manage the process as well as what to look out for in investment agreements to ensure you don't lose control of your business.

Anyone looking to avoid the common and costly mistakes new entrepreneurs make: execution is everything and this course will help you avoid mistakes that will cost you time, energy, money and even your entire business.

Entrepreneurs without access to mentors or family members with business experience: not everyone has networks of people with business experience and an understanding of what it takes to start a business that are also willing to help.

Entrepreneurs looking to save money by being more efficient: starting a business can be daunting and this course is designed to help you to accelerate your progress and become a more efficient leader faster - and time is money.

Entrepreneurs who recognise that this course will be a great investment: The course (currently) offers 10 hours of personally delivered advice over 15 modules and over 76 lessons. It is designed to save you time, material money and reduce risk to maximise your chances of success and wealth creation.

Anyone looking for a motivational content about how to get rich quick:
there is enough of that available already and building a business is a serious business. Soak up the motivational content and then come back to learn how to execute.

As Thomas Edison said, 'Genius is 1% inspiration; 99% perspiration.'


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"For me, what I liked most about Piers’s startup course was his practical advice that was delivered in an easy-to-access way. I found his lessons all had a clear message that I could instantly apply to my business. Since adopting many elements of this course to how I work, I can definitely see an upturn in my sales. I continue to review how I can improve my company and Piers’s advice is there to help make those decisions count."

Srjdan B, Serial Entrepreneur

Piers Linney

Piers Linney
Piers Linney

Piers is the founder and CEO of Moblox. As a well-known champion of entrepreneurship and growth businesses and is best known as a former Dragon on BBC Dragons’ Den (Shark Tank format in the USA) and as a Channel 4 Secret Millionaire.

Piers is an experienced and award-winning entrepreneur and investor with a professional background in the City of London and Wall Street . He has broad experience of the challenges that face growth businesses as a founder, adviser, director and investor. Piers qualified as a lawyer specialised in corporate finance and venture capital before joining the investment banking team at Credit Suisse . He left the city to start a dotcom business and became the CEO of a corporate finance business raising funds for technology start-ups and growth businesses before becoming a partner at a hedge fund specialising in providing structured debt and equity. Piers has won a range of entrepreneurship awards and has both B2B and B2C experience selling to organisations ranging from startups to the UK government to large enterprises (FTSE-100). Piers regularly speak at events to support startups and growth businesses for global brands ranging from Cisco to Thomson Reuters to GSK.

During 2019 he hosted a #1 UK business podcast on iTunes, which was a partnership with UK bank, Nat West. You can listen to the Re-thinking Business or search your favourite platform.

Piers has been recognised as one of the 100 most influential Black Britons and was Entrepreneur of the Year at the inaugural EY sponsored Black British Business Awards. He sat on the UK government's Cabinet Office SMB Panel and the Board of TechUK, and was a Trustee of Nesta, the UK’s leading innovation foundation with a £450m endowment. During the Covid-19 pandemic Piers was a board member of the UK's development bank, British Business Bank, which facilitated over £90 billion of financial support for UK small businesses.

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"This startup course has been invaluable. A fabulous resource that has changed my approach to building my business. Its helped me avoid mistakes, I've asked myself some serious questions and I have more confidence relating to my small business. It has helped me understand every different aspect to starting up my business and I'd recommend anyone to gain this information and knowledge from a very experienced, successful business man. It has already paid for itself several times over."

- Briony, Owner, Etched Semi Permanent Make Up

Time is money and mistakes cost money. A lot of money. Having a resource to refer to for support can make the difference between progress and no progress, and even success and failure.

When compared to the value of your time or a single legal letter, or any form of professional advice, the value of this course should be multiples of its cost.

The knowledge available to you in this startup course at any time of day or night is based on twenty years of experience as an entrepreneur, investor, professional adviser and from working with hundreds of entrepreneurs.

This is the ultimate step-by-step and practical guide to starting and growing your business. I have been involved in building a wide-range of businesses and I'm still involved in startups today.

I understand the ups and downs and just how lonely it can be, especially when you can't reach out for the support you need when you most need it.

Think of this course as a resource to provide you with answers to numerous questions and by the end of it you will be prepared for almost anything in business.


Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the course?
There is over 9.5 hours of content over 75+ lesson and useful materials. This course is one that you can work your way through as well as one that you can refer to when you need guidance and answers. It is a step-by-step guide that should add value for years. Over-time more content will be added based on feedback so the resource will evolved and grow with you and your business.
How long do I have access to the course?
Your one-off payment grants you with permanent access to this course .
Does this course substitute professional advice?
No. This course provides practical, no-nonsense advice, guidance, support and sign posting to other credible sources of information. Although it covers technical matters such as business structure, contract law, accounting, employment, tax, regulatory compliance, raising debt and equity finance, it is not designed to be a substitute for professional advice applicable to wherever you live and/or operate a business. It does, however, cover what factors that you need to take into consideration when selecting professional advisers.
Is this course relevant to startups anywhere in the world?
Yes. What you will learn applies to startups, founders and young businesses almost anywhere in the world. The course is in English.
Who the hell is Piers Linney?
You may not have a clue and should do your homework. Follow me on social media.

There is a business in everyone and everyone should #startup at least once. If you have any questions or ideas to add to the course, please reach out and let me know.

Now let's go ...

IMPORTANT: This course provides practical advice, support and guidance, but it is not a substitute for professional advice such as legal, accounting or tax advice relevant to the jurisdiction(s) in which you live or operate a business.

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