I have not been able to discuss the election on social media due to purdah (the pre-election period), during which public servants are not allowed to comment on the election.This is because I am a Non-executive Director on the board of the government-owned development bank.

I was very much in favour of remaining within the EU, but the Conservative majority speaks for itself.There is a long way to go before the UK leaves the EU, but it is inevitable.However,I was not in any way interested in Labour’s plans to take the UK economy back to the 1970s – a decade of poorly managed nationalised industries, strikes, 98% tax rates, high inflation and economic stagnation. I was also not a fan of a potential government that was clearly anti-business and which viewed wealth creation as a social ill. It was a rock and a hard place.

My biggest beef has been that fact that the country and more specifically businesses should never have faced the uncertainty that the drawn out Brexit debacle has inflicted on the UK’s entrepreneurs and business owners.The light at the end of tunnel is that the period of uncertainty is coming to an end and that is good for business.Sterling jumped and the spectre of nationalisation has faded.

Any economy is built and sustained by entrepreneurs and the future economic success and global standing will rely on the success of the country’s entrepreneurs, business owners and innovators. An economy that has parted company with a trading bloc as large as the EU has some work to do and it is critical that business is supported, and that investment is made available to fund innovation and growth. I will be focused on doing my part to ensure that this is the case.

Hopefully, you have at least a 5-year window of business-friendly government to #Startup or #Scaleup a business.

So, to borrow from Boris Johnson’s simple ‘Get Brexit Done’ campaign slogan, it is time to “Get Business Done.”

What do you think?

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